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Serving Asheville, NC & Surrounding Cities

  Group Private Yoga

Incorporate a session of self-care into your special occasion! Plan to hold a customized yoga class inside your place or outdoors amongst nature to set the greatest intention for your experience.

Don't have the space to accommodate everyone?

See below: a beautiful green house space as an option to hold your private yoga class!

All classes are designed to meet each individual where they are and can be a great addition to:

- Private / Special Events -

- Vacation Rental Privates -
- Corporate Settings -
- Bachelor / Bachelorette / Weddings -
- Weekend Retreat -
- Birthday Celebrations - 

$27/pp, $24/pp 12+

(within Buncombe county)

(4 person minimum or cost equivalent)

$32/pp, $29/pp 12+

(outside Buncombe county)

(4 person minimum or cost equivalent)

**Large group rates available

*All classes include mats and set of yoga props/pp; 

* 75 minute customized class incorporating mindful movements of yoga + meditation

"We had such an incredible yoga experience. Ceiara worked with me for over a month to plan the details of a private class to surprise my sister. She was so respectful, responsive, and professional. I could tell she truly cared about our experience. The actual class was even better. We were able to rent out a beautiful greenhouse and she got there early to set it all up. She adjusted the class along the way based on our individual needs. She is truly a natural at what she does! I wish I could do yoga with her everyday!"  
Mary P. 


*Receive 10% off your private group class when booking your stay with Yonder!

Private Yoga in the Park 

(Carrier Park)

$22/pp, $19/pp 12+

4 ppl minimum

Private Yoga in the Greenhouse

$25/pp, up to 11 people 
$22/pp, 12 - 15 people
(15 ppl max capacity)
** There is an additional cost of $50 for the greenhouse fee



Private One-On-One

$108 - 75 mins 
(travel expenses may apply,
class packages available)

Private Yoga Class
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